General Information

Welcome to St Matthew’s School

General information about St Matthew’s School

Absences: Please notify Lynette in the school office by 9.30am should your child be absent.

Assemblies: Each Monday at 9am the school meets for prayer assembly and notices.

Fees: School fees for 2015 are for ixl Maths – $15.

Attendance Dues:-For attendance dues  please visit Should you need some help please talk to Tom.

Lunches: We are a water and milk only school.  Children may only drink water at school. Please send a healthy lunch with minimal sugar content. During term 3 we offer a hot lunch and hot drink on Fridays. We take part in the Fonterra Milk for Schools Programme.

Newsletters: . There are notes sent home on a Tuesday or Wednesday. There are two longer newsletters each term.

Office Hours: The office is staffed from 8.30 – 9.30am  daily.

School Timetable: School begins at 8.55 each day. Morning tea is from 10.30 – 11.10am. Lunch is 11pm – 1.40 and school concludes at 3pm. Please be on time as it helps your child be successful.

School Terms:  2015  Our last day is Tuesday December 15

Sport: We have regular PE lessons and sport. Children are required to wear their PE uniform during sport periods. PE uniform is available from the school office.

Camp: 2015 – no camp this year!

Stationery: School stationery is free! Thanks to the Board of Trustees for supplying all stationery for the children.

Swimming: 2015 – Marton Pool – Friday afternoons commencing Friday 13th Feb

Uniform: Please see the uniform page for information.

Year 7 and 8: The Year 7 and 8 children attend Rangitikei College for Technicraft lessons each Wednesday afternoon.

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