About St Matthew’s

St Matthew’s is a Catholic State Integrated School in Marton, Rangitikei, New Zealand. It is staffed by exceptional teachers, has wonderful children and a supportive and caring community. Read on to find out a little about us…

Buildings: St Matthew’s School was founded by Fr Matthew Dolaghtty and the Sisters of Mercy in 1915.

It has continued  to the present day on the same site with several buildings and re developments during that time.

The present building was constructed in the 1980’s incorporating the old church sacristry  which was turned into Room 2. The administration area was renovated in 2007.

Staff: The present staff of St Matthew’s are: Tom Sheehan – Principal, Kate Blundell, Junior Room Teacher –  Rachel Cunliffe, Teacher Aides – Lynette Down and Kate Puts, Cleaner – Gary Cross, Caretaker – Sid Reilly.

Board Of Trustees: Tim Ryan – Chair person, David Hodds,  Malcolm Gribbon, Toni Hine Lynette Down (staff rep). Proprietor’s Representatives Tim Ryan and Nicki Rowe.

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